80s rock opinions

What do you think of this ranking? TBH, I know very little about Styx or Loverboy.

I would have to put Foreigner or Journey as number one.

I find Journey more relevant than all on that list and it’s not even close.

Since I know nothing about Styx, I can’t argue.

Also, Tyler likes to stir up shit.

Didn’t realize it was DAC’s kid that posted that.

Those 5 bands would be near the bottom of my list of 80’s bands.

He has two podcasts: Cocaine & Rhinestones, which is about the history of country music. It’s really good. His other one is called Your Favorite Band Sucks where he trashes bands, with a partner. I’ve never heard that one.

I think Styx and Foreigner are about tied. I was never really a Journey fan. Even though Supertramp released its Breakfast in America LP in1979, it was one of the best albums of the era with a couple of the best songs of the era. I also liked The Cars better than Journey, Toto or Loverboy.

Big fan of The Cars!!

There are some I didn’t listen to all that much back then. Put REO Speedwagon in my list recently; I’d mostly only heard a couple of hits. Just recently had Melissa Etheridge and she was really good. Just got a notification that she’s playing near me in a couple of months.

A girl I hung out with in the early '80s wore out a few Candy O cassettes, I think that’s all she listened to in high school. When I was driving I wouldn’t let her bring it in my car.


I liked both classic rock and new wave


  1. Blondie
  2. Duran Duran
  3. Talking Heads
  4. The Police
  5. Devo
  6. Depeche Mode

All of these were great

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I’ve recently been getting into the Talking Heads, some good stuff. David Bowie too.

I have recently figured out that REM was good.

Try listening to their albums in order. Some cool stuff.

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