8$ sams club

Sams has $8 membership going on this weekend.
I am a Costco guy, but for $8 I will try it for a year.

you’ll be back. problem with sam’s is it just walmart and the same customers

I didn’t quit Costco, just doing both for a year

I posted about my experience earlier. I took tbe deal for a $45 credit off my first purchase. I too am a Costco guy, and I think I will remain a Costco guy.

Here is what I wrote about my first experience at Sam’s:

I belong to both, only joined Costco because I went to Hawaii and the discount on gas paid for the membership for a 10 day trip last year. I keep saying I’ll drop Costco yet I haven’t done it yet, haven’t been inside a costco in months. I’m keeping Sams because I use their products more and my mastercard with them kicks too much ass…5% cashback on gas which is already cheap at Sams, and other perks.

8 bucks, nope thank you. I did do it last year on the $45 offer with $45 worth of “gift” card. Walmart scrip is just about as good as money. I do costco fairly regularly as well as the regular walmart, but really cannot stand scam’s club.