58 back to back

One of my friends in my bike group rode from his house to downtown for breakfast Saturday morning. When he got there he noticed the distance on his Garmin:

That is crazy

I hate dynasties, next 10 years of playoff football is going to suck.

Well, it’s kind of electric here. Wednesday is my bike groups coffee ride and temps will be in the 50’s. It looks like we are riding to the parade - coming in from a less traveled direction. I doubt we will get too close because of the expected crowds on a nice day in February.

One thing that has some businesses concerned is that Wednesday is Valentines Day, which is a very busy day, and most of downtown will be closed off for most of the day. It’s an NFL rule that the parade must be 3 days after the Super Bowl, so they can’t push it back even one day.

Yeah, this was something of an off year for KC.


While there WERE a lot of fireworks in my area, I think this might be AI

Maybe, but I drove to Hy Vee to get t shirts right after the game and the sky was lit up.

There’s going to be a lot of kids in third world countries wearing 49ers Super Bowl Champion’s shirts soon. :smiley:

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Honestly, maybe it’s better that KC won. Only one firework in our neighborhood. Had our dog scared out of her mind. That stuff pisses me off.

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If you hate dynasties, I have some bad news for you. This was an off year for KC.

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And Mahomes is reworking his contract to open up cap space.

Hopefully to get some WRs.

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Speaking of which, how bad of a talent evaluator is Nathaniel Hackett that he released Mecole Hardman just so he could be picked up by the Chiefs and catch the SB winning TD?

Did you see The Athletic article on the Jets season? It does not portray Hackett well at all. He only has a job because Aaron Rodgers loves him.

I did not see it.
But I agree with the concept

And, for another Super Bowl related subject. For anybody looking for a good reason to trash the Washington Post’s sports “journalism:”

Taylor Swift is at the Super Bowl. Here are all the details.


Kelce’s comment to news reporters after the game about the incident with Coach Reid.