50s continued

I think what made the 50s fabulous is free range children without a CPS call. Respect for teachers, parent autonomy, and prayer in schools

Despite segregation, there were more black doctors and entrepreneurs then today

I’d be curious as to where you found that statistic. I was only 3 when the 50’s ended so I can’t say whether or not they prayed in schools. But I don’t recall any prayer in school during the 60’s. It wasn’t untl the 70’s that high schools had an after school club called “Young LIfe” that had anything to do with religion. My brother on the other hand had prayer every day, but he went to Catholic school

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May have misread the chart. I believe it’s the grey

Blacks in the 50s were the Asians of today. Today, that would be acting “white” but liberal sanctimony has completely screwed over the black community

If you say percentage of black college students became doctors, it’s probably not even close as that partially accounts for discrimination

(Proportion of Black physicians in U.S. has changed little in 120 years, UCLA research finds | UCLA)

I wonder if Biden wanted to keep black doctors and entrepreneurs of of his neighborhood like he wanted to keep black kids out.

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Biden said racial jungle. Honestly that guy had intentional “dementia” since the 1970s

Blacks in the 50’s could only wish they were like the Asians of today. Do we spray Asians down wth firehoses? Do you sic German Shepherds on them? Do we lynch them? Do we have a Whites and Asians drinking fountains?

I was referring to initiative and the insistence of using sir or ma’am and Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Ms in addressing people

I was referring to the absence of trying to be “white” and not lauding people for their achievements

I was referring to a two parent household

By taking away the two parent household under the Great Society, Democrats got blacks to mistreat each other and this was even worse then a fire hose on you or separate drinking fountains and bathrooms. Now we have diversity of immutable characteristics, equity of outcome, and inclusion of people who agree with you.

Has black on black violence increased?

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