502 Error

Getting “502 Error” when I reply to posts. No other content in the error message.

Refresh and try again. I was doing a large upgrade recently

So now, I can’t post or reply at all from my (very outdated) iPad.

Russia cyber attack?

Are you getting a 502 from the iPad?

I did a re-compile. Let’s see if that helps

Test reply.

There may be an issue using ‘obsolete’ browsers. The developers are going to do a regression test and confirm.

Other than IE, which browsers are considered obsolete?

Reading the thread it appears to be an issue with old Iphones, Ipads who can’t update their safari.

No, the iPad issue is probably my problem. I have the original iPad Air and it seems it’s no longer supported. Some apps are starting to not work. Few a month or two now, I haven’t been able to view all the comments in longer threads on this site. After yesterday’s update, I can see some posts, but can’t reply.

I’ve been waiting to replace it, figuring it should hold on a few more months.