5 Transgender Players Dominate a Single College Volleyball Game in Canada

I don’t think men should be on women’s teams. But I’m not sure the writer understands volleyball - they sub players constantly throughout the game. My kid was a 6 foot middle hitter. she could play back row, but her forte was blocking and hitting. So when her turn to serve was over, she would rotate off to the bench and the other middle would rotate in. After that girl served, she would rotate out.

One reason I don’t like that the girls should punish themselves for any change - to some coaches, winning is everything, so if they can have more males on the court, some will do that. If the girls sit out, those kind of coaches wouldn’t hesitate to put a man in and THOSE are the ones who shouldn’t be coaching women’s sports

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It wouldn’t be fair to the man if he had to sit out to let the inferior girl play on the girls team