$300 Air Jordans

A Mom on Nextdoor is asking where she can get Air Jordans for $300. Apparently they are in short supply and the price is even crazier than normal.

I cannot remember ever paying more than $50 for Tennis shoes… dress Shoes… Yes!

I usually get Black New Balance from Kohl’s and wear them everywhere. I avoid Nike because even the black have a white swoosh.

Anyway, what makes a Tennis shoe worth $300?
Frankly, I think these Parents are teaching the kid the wrong values.

I really want to make fun of you for wearing NB.
But I respect not wearing Nike because they are low quality.

What about Skechers?

When I can I buy new balance made in America.

I don’t buy Nike. Nothing political but their shoes are garbage

Can’t do it!!!

I actually have become a big fan of Puma.
My son is is almost exclusively an Adidas wearery (though he did buy himself a couple of sweet looking classic Jordans), so I know that he won’t steal my Pumas since we wear the same size.

It’s a status symbol for some people, usually people who can’t afford a $300 pair of gym shoes.

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And you’d never wear these ro a gym, lest they get scuffed up. A friend’s teen son has 20 pair of shoes at any given time, he buys and sells on CL and eBay. And it’s not like his parents gave him all these shoes, they bought him a couple pairs for Xmas but otherwise he smartly trades them.

I would never buy a used shoe.
Where does he get them?

When my son played tennis in high school his Nike tennis shoes cost around$120, but a good shoe made a difference. He usually wears Chuck Taylors or Vanns both way under $100 and he wears them into the ground. A $300 pair of gym shoes to wear casually is a status symbol or for a collector.

Almost all high quality shoes that are actually used for any activity only cost between $100 and $150.

Jordan’s or Yeezys or whatever the collectible shoes are today we’re never meant for the gym.

Collectable shoe? Is that like Baseball cards?

Problem is collectable shoes take up the space of maybe 1000 Baseball cards. Watch, Mom may throw them out.

I do spend money on shoes, but not athletic shoes

I proudly wear New Balance because they are one of the few who make a “wide” size.

Here you go…


This is what I get but do not need the Ex Wide.

Sometimes on sale at $39… then I buy several.
I like the all Black. The N is almost invisible as it is also Black, unlike most brands that show the logo in a contrasting color.

Be the cool Grandpa and buy Vans.
Or Hey Dudes.

Then the grass stains from mowing the lawn don’t show up.

It’s part of the suburban white middle age dad uniform. A single woman said the two deal breakers for her is a guy that wears New Balance shoes with cargo shorts or Crocs.

I am a cargo short guy.
They function as well as a purse. I can live for a week on what I can fit in those pockets.