2 year ban, no dirty test

I am all for keeping the integrity of sports by testing for performance enhancing drugs, but an American Sprinter is getting 2 years for missed tests. And the rules for “whereabouts” are extremely “Big Brother”.


Shows how ridiculous the Olympics has become. It’s also why I don’t like binding arbitration.

It sounds like they are punishing him for not being punctual. There must be something about his personality the Olympic committee did not like.

I do not keep up on sports much but testing is a tad silly. A large majority of them are juicing.

Agreed. You only need a “tester” who’s on your side and gives his/her own sample on your behalf.

Or in this case, have a tester who’s not on your side and will make sure you miss your appointment (aka write down a different hour so that you’re not home) or in this case where they didn’t call the athlete.

I don’t think it is a majority, but quite a few.
The “out of competition” testing can be borderline draconian.
There are also some sports that pretty much look the other way or have such lax penalties that the punishment is no deterrent.
I follow MMA and Jon Jones once hid under a ring in his gym for hours to avoid a tester that came into give him a random U/A.

I’d have to look it up but I suspect a week or two and most evidence would be gone.

Most drugs clear the system in 24-72 hours. They’re typically looking for a marker to know what you were looking for.

An example is testosterone they’d look for E2. That’s a good sign someone is juicing.

The point being drug test may make people feel good but I suspect the majority are juicing.

Depends on the sport.

Football. Most are juicing.

Baseball. I’d say a fair among are not.

Runners. Majority are not.

PED normally works best for muscle growth which isn’t as important in sprinting. There are some side effects that would impede runnings in my opinion.

Though this isn’t a topic I am am expert on at all. There are doctors who that’s all they do to performance enhancement and beating the test.

You are pretty spot on. They also test for masking agents and specific gravity and creatinine levels.

There are several documentaries on it, and Lance Armstrong’s ESPN special talks a lot about it.
It is pretty interesting to me.
My daughter like watching it too. Science and biology are a thrill for her.

You don’t really need to mask. You just need to have a decent window.

Let’s say they were testing for cocaine. 72 hours and it’s all out of your system.

Pot? That’s the longest one. Normally 24-72 hours but can be several weeks. Depends on use, metabolism. Etc.

Benzos are the longest but they’re not ped. I take Valium for dental work. For fun I did drug test to see how long it’s be in my system. 30 days.

It would appear he had multiple chances. Three times?

Reading the story it appears the guy is kind of an airhead.
Could you or I put together a quarterly itinerary of every day?
One of the misses he was literally at a meet with testers there and they wouldn’t allow him to test.
The last one he was shopping and has receipts.
Now, to be fair, if my livelihood depended on me being in a certain place at a certain time, I would set up a reminder on my phone, but there is not even a hint of him trying to “dodge” the testers.

I’m not clear on all the details, only skimmed. But it seems there are a certain number of possible days when he could be tested and must let them know where he’d be. But he wasn’t where he was supposed to be on those days. Three times. Yes, it requires some organization, but if I’d already screwed up twice and knew that I was facing a ban, I think I’d have skipped the shopping trip.

Sounds line you give a day and time when you’ll be Somewhere. That way it’s “random”. That isn’t random.

I think they give a handful of possible days, so semi-random. The athlete doesn’t know which one they’ll select.

To make it purely random, they’d have to know where he is every moment. This seems like a reasonable compromise. You designate certain ones.

All you do is make them show up to collect a sample. There are hundreds of places in each city.

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Give them 2 hours from the call to show up and drop somewhere.

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+1 great idea