$16 for a burger, fries and drink at McDonald's

I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a long time, but WTF? Saturday afternoon I went to one of our favorite bars in town, 4 burgers with a side and 4 beers was $120 with tip. These are 1/2 pound, excellent quality burgers with brioche bun, tasty toppings and great fries or tots that are well worth it even though the same order was $20 less expensive a couple years ago.

In all fairness. It looks like he ordered the most expensive thing on the menu.

I eat McDonald’s on road trips and it’s expensive. I think my meals is about 12 dollars give or take.

I go to McDonald’s because it’s consistent and normally clean. Food has went down hill over the years.

And, supposedly the price was in front of him before he ordered it.

It’s McDonald’s, not Au Cheval in Chicago.

True, but it’s McDonald’s. How much better is the most expensive burger compared to a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder? Five Guys is more expensive but it’s a better burger and you get a crapload of fries.

After the Covid “ended”, there were signs all over the place looking for help at the Fast food joints. They had to significantly increase the wages at these places.

go to Chick-fil-a much better product

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I am an outlier that hates 5 Guys.

Chick-Fil-A is not bad, but I think their food is a bit overrated. It reminds me of In’'N’Out, though not nearly to the extent of the cult following In’N’Out has.

I always hit In N Out when I’m in Arizona, but the fries suck.

I really wanted to try Sonic because I used to see the commercials but there were none in my area. Tried them a couple times on road trips but haven’t been to the ones that finally opened near me a few years ago. I liked the cherry limeade, otherwise it was nothing special.

It’s not great but IMO better than McDonald’s, Wendy’s, BK and other chain burger places. I’d pay $16 for a burger, fries and drink at Five Guys before McDonald’s any day.

They started popping up in my area around 7 or 8 years ago, now they’re everywhere. I’ve only eaten there a few times but they are always packed.

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I find its good food compared to the other fast joints. Everyone I have gone to is great service and hot and fresh food.

I’m not a fan of chick fil an and they’re not everywhere. McDonald’s is everywhere. When I’m driving in the middle of nowhere. There will be a McDonald’s.

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McDonalds in general has gone downhill…I don’t eat fast food very often, but I stopped to get lunch last week. I used the drive thru, which is now an auto attendant. I ordered a Big Mac value meal and was told that this restaurant doesn’t serve that. Their best known item…right. I made the mistake of saying “what” and it didn’t know what to do so I drove up to the window and ordered there. The restaurant is 1 mile from my house. I got my order, went home and sat at the kitchen table…and the fries were room temperature. Pretty sorry as fries are one of their signature items. It was a very unenjoyable meal that cost me twelve bucks. I emailed them and they did offer to comp me a value meal on my next visit, but they only sent an email. Not sure how I use it. I was in another one a few months ago and it was all self serve kiosks.

Agreed, big time.

I like both companies because they are run well. The service is fast and the food is fresh. But the food is not breathtaking; it’s fine.

IMO CFA is the best run fast food chain in the entire country, especially considering its huge national footprint and market share. Typically companies go downhill the bigger they get.

I used to take long trips every month, several hundred miles. I could always count on the golden arches to be close enough by whenever I got hungry.

I watched the food slowly get more expensive over the years. But I always got a DQP w/ cheese and an iced tea. Occasionally would get some fries if I was really hungry.

It’s gotten more expensive and more flavorless for the most part. The recent revamp of the quarter pounder taste better but it’s also a lot greasier.

It’s a road trip thing. I know the food won’t destroy my gut and it’ll serve the purpose of food

CFA is the first place we crave when we come back from Europe.