100 Replies

It is interesting when your post gets over 100 replies.

Less so when you see that over 20 of them were done by KC.
And I get notified on every post … though it has gotten so far afield that it is no longer of interest.

Maybe the Op should be able to close a topic…

Stop trying to shut things down. Others like to read it ya think?

They can. Just move it to solved and it’ll close in an hour

Yeah…I finally had to block KC. I can now read threads a lot quicker…

How can I block Cnon?

Where is “solved”?
How to do it?

There is a check box at the bottom. Check it

I was going to tell you, but the system does not give me the option to set Cnon to ignore. I checked with a few other user ID names, and that option was there.

In case you want to try it, click on the person’s ID icon. From there you should see two boxes: one for Messages and one with a status that is set to Normal. Change the status setting to Ignored.

@Wintermute : Is there a reason that I can not set Cnon to ignore, and does that apply to me only?

Try now.

The option is there now. Thanks.

@Sister : There you have it.

For the longest time I thought that Cnon was a system bot because of the posting pattern of creating a bunch of new topics within a small time window. Cnon is to new topics what KC is to existing threads.

Not really
Cnon is once and Done.

KC is a Pit Bull… reply to him once and half a day is shot.