10 Hidden Costs People Fail to Consider

Good stuff!

Good list and all the things on it are personal choices, unfortunately many people believe they deserve them because others have them.

As far as owning a home, it’s not for everyone but I’d much rather own than rent. One problem when comparing owning a home with renting is comparing apple’s to apple’s, people will compare a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3+ bedroom home that’s much larger plus has a garage, basement and yard. In my area my home would rent for over $3,000 a month, basic 2 bedroom apartments in my area are $1,250 a month and up.

Another thing is digital music, I don’t know anyone that still downloads songs for a buck each, it’s cheaper and way better to pay $10-15 a month for a streaming service like Spotify. If someone is cheap they can get CDs from library and load them on their device for free.