10 Despised Cities Travelers Vow Never to Visit Again

Guess which one made number one on the list.

I think with lot of them it depends where you stay. I liked Cabo but was staying at a very nice house, my brother has a condo in the Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami and loves it. We went to San Francisco years ago and it was cool but we were only there for a couple days. I was in Houston years ago for work, all I remember is excellent strip clubs and a lot of traffic. You can probably take any city in the world and some will love it and others will hate it.

THat is one of the most difficult articles I have ever tried to read. I don’t know if it’s my browser, but I’d rather not have a slide show.

I had no trouble reading it on my phone.

I was also surprised that New York City did not make the list. Ditto for Honolulu.

San Francisco has went down hill. Sad cos I love the the city.

Huh, I was listening to a podcast this morning and the guest was a travel expert.
She said Dubai was one of her favorite places to visit.

Do we have to love or hate every specific thing? I don’t despise any city. There are a number of cities we likely won’t ever visit, but I don’t hate them.

We’ve been to SLC a few times and will likely go back. I’ve been to Houston and don’t plan to return, same with Miami. We won’t be going to Mexico because we know three couples that were robbed there, in very different locations. We’ve been to Nashville and may go back, although it is crowded. We have friends who spent a few days in Dubai and really enjoyed it. We have no plans to visit LA, although there are a couple of places we’d like to see there.

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We are going to Cancun in July.
We have been numerous times and never had a problem.
We mostly stay on the resort with usually one shopping trip and one excursion.

Seeing Houston on this list reminds me of an interesting story. When my husband got his PhD in organic chemistry from Yale, during the middle sixties, he got a job as a research chemist for Shell and their lab was located in St Louis at the time. Then during the early seventies when Shell built a new facility in Houston he was asked to move from St Louis to Houston.

However, my husband didn’t want to move to Houston because he hated that city. So he looked for options elsewhere and then became the Director of the New York City Forensic/Crime Lab.

I met my husband shortly after he moved to New York City for that position in the early seventies and if he didn’t hate Houston I would have probably never met him. So I am very grateful that my husband hated Houston :grinning:

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Your husband was a wise man. I lived in Texas (Dallas) for about 15 years, Dallas was better (but not by much). Heat and humidity in Houston is horrible. I swear it’s the only place I’ve been where it felt oppresive in January. Dallas had an edge because it was possible to get across town on side streets instead of the freeways, but getting on the freeway every day seemed to be a requirement in Houston.

I moved from Dallas in 1988 and haven’t really been back since 2004, although I did go to a friends wedding last week. There is NO WAY I want to go back there, even to visit. Traffic is horrible and it seems that everybody and their dog suffers from road rage there. On my trip down, the freeway was crowded but moving at 65 to 70 mph. There was about 50 feet between me and the car in front of me, what is uncomfortable to me at that speed…but a good old Texan in an F250 (because bigger is better down there) ignored their “drive friendly” signs and was inches from my bumper, laying on his horn and flashing his lights. I would have moved over - if there was space - but there wasn’t. He just felt I should be closer to the car in front of me.

I read fairly quickly and prefer to scroll instead of waiting for a slide show to advance to the next slide.

Never have been to a site where pop-up ads made it virtually impossible to read the text.

Any city in Morrocco would make my list of places not to go. Oppressive heat, garbage thrown everywhere, and a population determined to rob you like no other I have encountered on the planet.

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