Zander or PolicyGenius

Who should I go thru for the medical exam?

I am 37, have asthma and ADHD. Family history of cancer. They both came up with Pacific Life. Cholesterol 5.2. These are for 20 yr level term $500,000 coverage

While PolicyGenius lists the lowest premium when I log onto the website, they usually quote a higher rate over the phone. Pacific Life is annoying since you have to go thru agent and I know what I want.

Zander quoted me at $40.68/mo in an email.

KOFC quoted me $700/yr 20 yr level term if I am at standard rates. It might be as high as $728.70 a year

Amica Mutual was $46/mo but it was unclear under what rate schedule they used, aka standard or preferred.

Kofc tends to be more expensive but the company is solid.
Don’t forget to add your membership fee to the cost.

I have two policies.

I have to look up the stats. For some odd reason I show up as a smoker for both policies but I don’t smoke. I failed the nicotine test both times. I quit smoking 20 years ago.

That was a tad odd.

How is your cholesterol? That does impact rates.

Cholesterol ratio is 5.2. BMI 32-33.

I am not an insurance underwriter but I do what they flagged me on.

My BMI was high but body fat low. No issues there.

I had been eating SAD for awhile which threw off my triglycerides. That freaked them out. They let me retest in 30 days. So I went back to my standard diet.

My ratio was off but they didn’t care.

Oddly they didn’t care about the family history of strange cancers.

With Covid I am curious what changes they’ve made. The last I heard, they had not have an increase in claims. BMI is strongly tied to mortality and Covid

Once you take other issues into account, BMI may not be as big a factor as once suggested.

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Your study is on veterans which is a very different group than the general population.

Obesity is very tried to mortality and Covid. I haven’t seen a study refute that and it’s heavily enforced in our training.

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Thanks so much. Yes KOFC is more solid than Pacific Life or Amica.

I was wondering if Zander or Policy Genius gets compensated more by Pacific Life or by upcharging the premium?