Your favorite decade for music

What is your favorite decade for music?



80s,.with 70s second.

I agree, I love the '60s as well.

I’ll go with 1956-65.

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The sixties

I would say 70s and early 80s for hard rock, a guilty pleasure is late 70s Yacht Rock. The 80s were a mess musically with a couple bright spots, Depeche Mode and New Order. I enjoyed grunge at the time in the 90s but most hasn’t aged well. Early 2000s to today has had some good alternative music.

My favorite decade is probably 2010s because that’s when I started going to festivals, lots of great bands around.

Kinda wish I’d been around in the late 20s to mid-40s… the golden age of American music, but in my lifetime I suppose the late 60s to mid-70s produced the music that brings back the best memories.

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For rock 1955-2000 and country anything before 1980 with a few exceptions. If I had to pick one decade for every thing it’d be the 1960’s.

My music tastes changed over time but certain songs bring back a specific time in my life. There was a lot of crap music in the 1980’s, but good memories.

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1740s- The peak of the Baroque. Bach, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Rameau were at the top of their game.


To all of that.
I was in the Seattle area during the 90’s and still couldn’t get into grunge, but did see Soundgarden do a surprise set in a bar that was pretty cool.

The bottom line is - you can almost guess the ages of posters by the decade they specify. The music for the decade when you were in your 20’s is usually going to be your favorite. There were some great songs from the 60’s and 70’s, but for me, songs from the 80’s evoke memories that the other’s don’t.;

I was in high school, college, and graduate school during the sixties, which probably affects for love for music from the sixties. With this information my age is very easy to guess.

I think for most people, it’s the decade of their youth or teens. That’s why so many are saying 80s.

Yep. My first concert was the Scorpions with Bon Jovi opening and I saw Aerosmith more times than I needed to but I was young and dumb. My parents had a cabin 20 minutes from Alpine Valley in south east Wisconsin that was a ski hill and outdoor amphitheater, as a bonus the drinking age in Wisconsin was 18 at the time. I probably saw over 30 concerts there, it didn’t really matter who was playing.

I agree, but the nature and character of popular music has also changed over the years.

I like 80’s rock, 90’s country.

I’m 53 and like I said, my favorite decade is the 2010s. I started going to festivals in 2008 and that ramped up dramatically in 2012 when divorced. And I’ve bonded with my daughter through music, we turn each other on to new music.

My gf is stuck in the 90s and while I like some of it, a lot that music is awful.

I am glad I was into Country Music that decade.