Yet another sports sex abuse scandal

First Penn State football, then Michigan State gymnastics, now the Chicago Blackhawks.

Don’t forget Ohio State Wrestling and Jim Jordan!

This has been a subject on hockey forums for awhile. I’d say the fan consensus on the Hawks’ punishment is that it is years late and many dollars short. For example, the Phoenix Coyotes lost a 1st and 2nd round draft pick because they held prospect tests outside of the proscribed combine dates.

There are plenty of others too. I just remember reading an article where the author said nobody learned anything from Penn State and Michigan State but maybe they would learn from the Blackhawks.

And the Washington team, mascot to be named eventually.

I think Goodell has successfully buried that.

I like the name Washington Woke Mafia

And the latest shoe drops:

Shades of Joe Paterno at Penn State.