Yes, I am going to say it!

Global warming my ass!!!
My backyard this morning in Kansas City.

It’s been an amazing spring so far in Atlanta. For some reason I’m leaving this paradise and going to Austin this weekend where it’ll be upper 80s and rainy. On the bright side, I’ve never been to Austin, my flight cost 9000 Skymiles and costs are negligible since girlfriends expense account is covering the hotel and some food.

Can’t wait to get it in DC. I love to see people freak out from a little April snow.

Climate change. :grin:

What are you complaining about? Here’s my local forecast:

Breaking news…the climate has been changing for billions of years.

If we were still on the CH boards I would report this as harassment!!

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It melted by noon here. Also - it’s supposed to be 81 Monday.

I mowed my lawn last night

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