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I only use yahoo mail address for online forms so I can check the status on some things but not expose my real email to scammers. But they have started putting ads that look like an email at the top of your messages box. I gave them feedback that I didn’t like them because it was an opportunity for a scammer to put a direct link in instead of an email. I know nothing is free…but i’m certainly not going to pay for yahoo so I can go “ad free”. If I have to have spam, I would rather have spam that isn’t a direct link.

I have both Hot mail and Yahoo mail, don’t see any ads on either of them. I use an Ad blocker. It knocks out the Ads on both of them and more importantly for myself…no Ads on YouTube.

These aren’t really ads like you see on the borders of the page - it looks like an email, but if you click on it, it will take you to a web page. I had 2 from Amazon and 1 from Southwest Airlines.

I get those also, and the ad blocker doesn’t stop them. They are listed in the email list. I use mine similarly to you, and have had a Yahoo mail account for 25 years and don’t intend to pay for one now.

Does anyone remember when during the middle nineties AOL billed you by the hour to use your AOL account. The only good thing about that was when people had to pay by the hour for its usage, there weren’t so many crazy people using the internet.

Here’s a screenshot of what I am talking about.

The top one is an ad and a link directly to the website.

I get those too, but the first thing I do in the morning is clear out the ads in my yahoo and I make sure to look for them.
FYI, they don’t appear on my yahoo mail app on my phone.

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