Yahoo comments are back?

Yahoo suspended their comment sections for a long time.

I was posting on an article about home prices. I tried to post about prices and inflation. At first I was alerted that my post might be offensive to some and that I can try to redo my post or post anyway. I posted it anyway because there is nothing political or offensive in my post. I then received the following message.

" Your comment may have been sent for review for one of the following reasons:

  • All comments on the site require manual approval (so nothing personal)
  • Certain comments are sent to an internal product performance review (it’s not you, it’s us)
  • Your comment has been automatically flagged as It may not align with our Community Guidelines (You can revise your comment at any time)

We let registered users know as soon as their comment has been reviewed."

So I guess you should take the comment section with a grain of salt. Everything has been filtered on the new comment section to make sure that the comments agree with the posted storyline.

My guess is this is a last ditch effort of an obsolete company to regain relevance. And it will fail.

Understatement of the year. Comment sections in general are a cesspool.


The problem is lefty media outlets want to control the narrative and don’t want viewers to know there are other facts and opinions. An example is the story about a black man violently beating an elderly Asian, lefties are doing their best to downplay race, unlike if it were a white guy gave the beat down.

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Many of the comments were critical of Yahoo, and I suspect that’s what drove the time out. Yahoo was notorious for including a video totally unrelated to the story, stringing a series of still photos together as video, treating celebrity related stories and other non-events as news, as well as taking a deciding leftist perspective on so-called news.

My favorite thing they do is an “article” that is little more than a series of tweets.

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