Worth repeating

No way in hell this woman should be near anything that has to do with the US Economy in any way shape or form.

NPR had a discussion about her today, I’m sure they left a lot out but from what I heard she’s definitely the wrong person for the job, unless we want to be a full blown communist country

She is literally disavowing her own recent statements and papers during Senate testimony.

One because she got caught. Deep down she believes the crap she spews or she wouldn’t spew it.

“A lot of the smaller players in [coal, oil and gas] industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order,” Omarova can be heard saying in a clip posted to social media. “At least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right?”

“Starve them of their sources of capital.” <=== This right here is why we currently have high gas prices. Banks are pressured by activist investors and afraid to make the loans to the oil fields right now. They are hedging their bets on what the Biden Administration is going to do that would adversely impact their business. As such, the safest thing is to limit the loans to the carbon industry. This has been going on for a decade since Obama said we are just going to bankrupt the coal companies. This is “Operation Choke Point” on steroids. When the banks are forced to undergo “climate stress tests” they are indirectly forced to limit their exposure to fossil fuels otherwise they won’t get the passing grade. As such, capital is not redeployed to develop more oil and we are at the mercy of OPEC for producing more.


At least some Democrats stood up to Biden nominating a literal Communist.