I love playing the New York Times wordle of the day but I play it privately just for fun. However my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with scores from my friends who play wordle. One of the reasons why I don’t do it that way is that I don’t like to give third party apps access to my Facebook friends list. Does anyone else feel that way.

I like to tell Facebook everything about me. Height, weight, stool color.

I figure one day we will merge with the Facebook. Might as well be on Its good side.

Yes. I don’t share wordle scores, I don’t do any “personality tests”, and I changed my security settings so that only friends can see my friends list. The last one is the biggest - it seems that the default for who can see your friends list is “everyone”. And this is bad because if your settings are “everyone” and one of your friends answers those stupid “prove me wrong” questions…if their settings are “everybody”, then a scammer can see you in their friends list, then they can look at you, and if your settings are “everybody”, then they can see YOUR friends list - even if you never respond to one of those stupid questions.

KC - you raised a few good points. My Facebook settings are also set so that people can only see our mutual friends. I, also, refrain from responding to questions in my newsfeed that are not from a friend or a Facebook group that I have joined. In addition I access wordle though The New York Times website and not a app.

I say “thank you “ to my google home so that our future robot overlords will be nice to me.

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