Woak Stocks

Is there money to be made in Woak stocks?
AB inBev, Target, Kohls? Chick-fil-a, is Private!

I did pretty well buying Exxon and Delta a while ago… looking for another Triple???

Actually, AB looks best… Retail has other problems.

Looking at the 6 month charts!
Target is down about 30 from a recent high of 160 to 130!
Kohls is down half from 4 months ago… 34 to 18!
Bud is down 12. … 66 to 54

Where would you put your money?
BUD looks like the safest bet but the upside is less!

Any Takers!

I dont buy or aell stocks based on politics. I believe it was you who told me not to buy XOM…glad i didnt follow that advice.

I gave Fisher Investments some money last year and they asked me a barrage of questions about what stocks they could or should.not buy. I said no to all of them, no religious objections, none against guns, tobacco, booze, oil etc. If im passionate about a cause, i separate that from my money.

Wrong! Wrong!

I do not buy political stocks… I do look for solid Companies in distress with lots of upside… whatever the cause.

I never questioned that XOM would recover and bring big profits. It was a mixed blessing as my taxes got clobbered!

I think bud has more room to fall. They alienated way more customers than they managed to gain. Their beer is not great so as soon as someone finds another beer that taste good, they may never go back to bud.

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Agree but Modelo is the new number 1