WMJ- S20 w/T-Mobile

I had described on CH the problems buying a phone at Costco and the poorly trained Rep who did not work for Costco or T-mobile. He could not finish the job and I left Costco with a non working phone, but at a great price. The Rep said I should go to a T-Mobile Corporate store, not franchise seller.

WMJ asked about it on CH and now I am giving the rest of the story.

Well, when I got to T-Mobile, I was greeted by a really nice guy who really knew his business.

I explained, I got the phones from Costco and I needed help:

  • setting up 2 phones
  • retrieving my phone number from Straight Talk
  • Copying the data from the Samsung S7 to the S20 FE.

No Problem!

About an hour later I left with 2 phones working and with the right Phone Numbers and Data.

What a difference… whereas the Costco guy had been on the job a week… the T-Mobile guy said he had 7 years with TMobile. It showed.

My son had said that he had bought his S20 from BestBuy and had a great experience at Tmobile,…

Got my first bill from TMobile $55 Senior rate for 2 lines w/unlimited TT&D… with tax, came to $63… compared to $90 from Straight Talk. Nice to have local Service. With ST, I had to to do what the TM guy did… I did not copy data.

And then it was more difficult retrieving a phone number than now… then it took most of the day… now less than an hour.