Wireless soundbar

I want to hook a soundbar up to my basement tv.
I may use and optical cable and thread it through my wall, but the tv is an older (about 10 years or so) rear projection so it is not wall mounted.
Is there any wireless optical adapters that anyone has heard of.
I am willing to surrender some sound quality for not having to cut a hole in my wall or having wires hanging.

Wireless Optical? No.

Have you looked into Sonos?

Will it work with an older TV?
My rear projection doesn’t have wifi.

Now that I think of it, I will probably have to put a hole in my wall anyway for the power cord.

Have never used a product like this, but on Amazon there is a Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver.

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Hmm. Funny. Never thought as to how it worked. I just assumed jt had a transmitter with it.

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