Wired wrong to begin with

If you thought this in the first place you were “wired” wrong in the first place.
This is the type of thinking that is the main problem.

Mentally ill.

Agreed. Along with all her braindead followers.

Well, the respnses I’m hearing here are certainly wired, probably by a skilled, professional haywirer… :innocent: :innocent:

Are the followers of Hannity or Carlson braindead? I mean…they aren’t thinking for themselves

Maddow said she considered anyone walking down the street without a mask a threat to her.

No, no.

Sean and Tucker know exactly what we’re thinking and then they tell everyone else what we’re thinking.

I am surprised someone didn’t shoot someone over this.

It has happened.

Not really what I’m talking about. Nobody has claimed self defense because the other person wasn’t wearing a mask.

She sounds like some of the lemmings here.

Aren’t these special…I finally see where the second amendment was used to protect someone from the tyranny of government overreach. And I wouldn’t be surprised if 3/4 of the conservative posters here would claim that

Security guards are not government employees.

Both were black on black murder. What is the reasoning for so much of this? Is it just a fundamental undervaluing of life? Is it just a hatred for anyone in authority? Is it they just don’t give a damn?

And what are the odds that a gun was purchased with a background check, instead of the back of a gang’s pickup truck or van

Slim and none.

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I know…but they were killed while carrying out the tyranical order of requiring a facemask to be worn. If someone is enforcing he tyranny of the state, they are fair game. So they can cite their second amendment right as a defense.

I think you’re missing the point once again.

Some people don’t like to obey rules or the law, just look at the recent police shootings.

A KCPD officer was assaulted by a rapper at a Chiefs game for enforcing the mask mandate, but our local prosecutor dropped the charges.