Win 11 & MS sneakiness

Windows 11 available Oct 5.

Microsoft is at it again… making it harder to use non Microsoft.
It will not be easy to change from MS Edge to Chrome/Firefox.

I use Google Sheets as my primary SS… but have kept a copy of Lotus 123 for Financial stuff that I do not want on the web.
Well Win 10 killed Lotus… So I bought MS Office (Excel) for financial stuff. I want to keep it local.

Well Excel has a mind of its own. It wants to save/backup to Microsoft’s OneDrive. Killing that ?feature? was not easy… took me hours of searching and then testing dummy SpreadSheets to verify they were not on line.

They got in trouble with this with the EU, anti-trust violations.

So, you’re the last person in the world using Lotus?

Apparently, they want to see if the Biden “Justice” Department will reward the Big Tech who loves the term "Misinformation. BTW the stuff termed “Misinformation” has been right at least 3 times and everyone of them benefitted the Dems.

Yes, I am sorry to lose Lotus 123. My fingers learned it back in 1981… I can play it like a Musical Instrument. It did everything I needed… and the price was right. After it was discontinued, I bought the final upgrade on Ebay for about $10. It was a good product and I never worried about Security.

I am old enough to have used Paradox as a database software. I learned word processing on Word Perfect 5.0.

Don’t like change. Still using a Windows 7.

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Wow, we used Paradox for our Mailing Lists… wife liked it a lot.

I met the CEO of Wordperfect… really great people. It was my first Wordprocessor. When it was $495, they offered it to folks in the industry for $100, We were considered influencers before there were “Influencers”. :grinning:

My understanding was that MS was very slow in offering copies of early windows to other developers… giving Excel, Word, Office a huge Head Start, Also they offered discounts on Windows to Companies using MS Office.

Turbotax would not run on Win 7.
I had trouble upgrading to Win 10… still use that computer on Win 7 but bought a new Dell around Christmas (Costco Deal $200 off) especially for Turbotax… I have no problem with the win 10… now my primary computer.

Trivia: Why did MS skip Win 9?

I used Volkswriter until the company I worked for went all in on WordPerfect and, later, Word. I always liked WordPerfect, and its Quattro spreadsheet, and still use them today (ver X6, 8-9 years old). I use the free Open Office to download and Word and Excel files that people send us (WordPerfect and Word formats do not get along, and Open Office will also create MS fiies).

Our first home computer, which we bought in 1981, was an Osborne 1 that had a CP/M operating system, which predates MS-DOS. Then when we subsequently got a home computer with a MS-DOS operating system I was glad because MS-DOS was so much easier to use than CP/M.

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