Will Fauci shut up about "variants" now?

I will say what is odd about the variants is they seem to be getting deadlier and spread more easy.

Why is that odd? Typically as a virus mutates, it becomes less deadly.

The variants are a primary reason why cases are going up even as people are getting vaccinated.

The link says the vacs work against the variants.

They weren’t sure at first, but it’s looking like it. If so, then it’s a race between the spread of the variants and getting the population vaccinated.

The point I am making is that once you are vaccinated you don’t need to worry about shit and should be exempt from wearing a mask.

Millions of people have been vaccinated, mask and social distancing rules are still in effect, why are Covid cases going up?

The vaccine is about 95% effective. That should greatly reduce the cases.

Masks don’t work in real numbers. Most studies show under 1% effective rate.

Social Distancing works and while some groups are doing it. Others are not. Look at spring break as an example.

Also while cases are going up, they’re still very small.

Also it depends on where you look.
Michigan is spiking, Florida is plateauing, with a slight increase, Texas and Mississippi are declining.

Look at total case growth. While they like to scream it’s doubling or some other hysteria. The total numbers are low. It’s a few thousand a day. Covid isn’t going away anytime soon.

Rules were withdrawn in some places and they’re easing almost everywhere. But they’re going up largely because the new variants spread faster.

China is the best person to ask about that.

That is if you can manage to ignore all the fakenews trying to insist this was a natural virus gotten from animals, a notion that has no credibility whatsoever except among comatose left wing sheep.

And of course, the scientists who’ve spent decades studying these things.

Who have said we will probably never know for sure where it started.

So far, most are highly skeptical of the lab possibility.

Because nobody wants to upset China or WHO.

There is plenty of evidence that points to a lab accident.

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And China has reused to share raw data on early infections and virus transfers in Wuhan. Even WHO and its Director-General, normally Chinese lap dogs, want more info.

They won’t share a lot of data that is standard. What’s funny is if it did slip from a lab. Nobody would have cared. Shit happens.

The issue is the hiding of information. China leaked sars at least twice which is more deadly than Covid.

It is basically a 50/50 shot.

For people who say there is no evidence.

Our own government had concerns before the pandemic. Two years prior they warned of this scenario.

I am not sure why so people are ignoring the evidence. It makes you wonder how many people are getting kickbacks from China.

Also I’ve noticed the trend of people conflating escaping from a lab with designed in the lab. I’ve yet to see any credible evidence it was designed. I’ve seen a lot that it was a release.