Wifi Hot Spot

Anyone have a wifi hot spot? Any recommendations? My new Ford Maverick has onboard wifi and I think it is something I want to keep. Wife also wants one in her car.

I dont fully understand the benefit of a wifi hot spot in a car. I have a Hotspot on my phone with me at all times, not sure why I’d need one in my car.

Same here. My car has Apple CarPlay so my Waze (GPS) app displays on the infotainment window.

It’s basically so the girls can stream YouTube while driving. My phone only allows one mobile devise to connect at a time.

Who is the service provider? What is the annual cost?

On my truck it is ATT network at a cost of $200/year for unlimited data.

I’m not sure why you need a hot spot for a vehicle, just use your phone. My cars touch screen uses my phone and it works fine, I use Android Auto and run Spotify, Google Maps, Google Assistant and other apps with no problem. Anyone riding in my car just uses their phone like normal.

One thing I like about Android Auto is Google Assistant, I press the microphone button on the steering wheel and can say add beer to shopping list, remind me to call Duff at 7, turn thermostat to 72, what time is Menards open until tonight, etc. It’s just easy to use.

My 2.5 and 5 year old do not have phones yet. They have tablets that don’t have data plans.

Depending on your cell plan you might be able to use your phone for a hot spot.

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