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That’s pretty much spot on.

My old roommate dropped about $40K on their wedding. It lasted about 5 years until she went home to visit family one Christmas and ran into her old boyfriend. She called my friend that was suppose to fly in a few days and told him she was done. She showed up a couple weeks later with her brothers and moved all her shit out and told him he could keep the house and everything else.

He got off cheap!

I think they split the 401K and cash accounts, but yes he did get off cheap. Their house significantly appreciated in value and sold it for large enough gain to recoup his 401K loss.

My brother has been divorced twice, one cost him a car and other 25k. The third marriage, if it happens will cost 6 figures.

It may sound unromantic but when 2 people get married , they are entering a small business together.

Based on my family and friends’ experience, I believe there is an inverse relationship between the amount of money spent on one’s wedding and the length of the marriage. My wife and I were in our living room, in front of our Christmas tree and a few friends 38 years ago.

My ex was good to me, which is good since she’s the one who left, but she did not touch any of my pension or savings. I did not have to pay child support or alimony.

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