Why do people believe this idiot

I play a game on my phone that is loaded with ads, but it’s still kind of fun. One ad they run over and over is some miracle weight loss, touted by Dr Oz. He constantly has this gross shit that is supposed to represent fat and then watches it “melt away”. To lend credence, the ad says it was featured on Shark Tank and they have Mark Cuban clapping. As if he is some health expert. But this ad caught my eye. Lose 85 pounds in one week. They should revoke this clowns medical license.

Dr. Oz promotes a lot of crap on his show. Not everyone has easy access to information to realize he’s full of crap.

What product is this supposed to be?

Ah. Looks like he may not be involved. Read the wiki page. His image is often stolen for weight loss ads.

He does prompt a lot of crap but that doesn’t mean he promotes all crap

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