What's the scam? (More words because title has already been taken)

A while back, I noticed I had a new FB friend, someone whose face and name I didn’t recognize. Scrolling back a few posts, it became clear that someone had taken over the account of a female friend, replaced it with a male name and picture and just started posting as if nothing had changed. Basically stole someone’s account, and thus their friends list.

Saw it again this morning and it took me a while of scrolling backwards to figure out which friend had their account stolen.

What are they after? Would these new fake friends eventually start sending spam or scam messages?

IMO, most of the spam, taking over accounts, etc. is just nuisance.
Hackers just doing it to be assholes.

That’s another reason I got off Facebook, anyone can steal your profile picture and name, and post all kinds of weird stuff and people think it was me. It never happened but could have.

The thing I have seen on Facebook is these silly assed questions/statements lie “No word begins with W and ends with G - Prove me wrong”. And people love to answer those, but if you want to do that, check your privacy settings - specifically “who can see my friends”. I believe the the default is “public”, so that if someone answers with a public view of their friends, they can spoof them. I’ve gotten a couple for friends and they start up a chat and then say something like “have you heard the good news?” And then launch in with something about money from the inflation reduction act, or the Bill and Melinda GAtes foundation giving tens of thousands of dollars away I usually just tell them that I really dont’ need the money since I will be getting significantly more than that from this nice Nigerian prince I have been helping.

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