What will Aaron Rodgers be doing on opening day in 2021?

  • He will be playing for the Green Bay Packers.
  • He will be playing for another team.
  • He will be holding out trying to force a trade.

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If the Pack doesn’t make a deal with Rodgers, the faithful will burn down Lambeau Field.

From what I have read, the Packers have offered to extend or re-do Rodgers’ contract. Rodgers has rebuffed them.

I am reconsidering my vote now, as I could see Rodgers not reporting to camp and thus not being active on opening day. From what I have read, the Packers organization is old-school and is not apt to cave to Rodgers.

Carson Palmer did the same thing with the Bengals in 2011. Palmer lucked out in that Hue Jackson was dumb enough to over-pay for him, but then again he ended up in another circus with the Raiders.

I might change mine as well. I guess as you get up in years (for a football player) there is a tendency to put self before team. I know …Tom Brady will likely still be playing when he is 75, but I think in the long term, Tampa Bay has decided that one or two superbowl’s should hold them for a while, since they invested heavily in borderline retired players. Seems like Rodgers wants to do the same thing.

But Aaron needs to ask himself…what if any of the 3 teams he “will” play for decide that they want to pin their future on an guy who will be there for the long term (i.e. Mahomes) and decide they’ll only take him if “the price is right”. Does Aaron want to play or does he expect to be compensated handsomely? I hear that Houston may be in the QB market…would he consider going there?

But he might want to look at the guy he had a stick up his ass over for years - Alex Smith. He could go to another team with a porous offensive line and end up with a Frankenleg. But that’s unfair to Smith…who saw his replacement drafted when he was 3 years YOUNGER than Rodgers is now. Instead of pouting and stomping his feet because the team “lacked faith” in him, he played some of his best football while mentoring his replacement (something Mahomes credits him for all the time). Rodgers has led a pretty lucky life…he should accept that and retire a hero in Green Bay. Pat Mahomes may have turned out to be a better quarterback than Alex Smith, but Smith will always be admired in KC for the way he handled his lat years here.

[quote=“kcflyer, post:4, topic:16528, full:true”].Tom Brady will likely still be playing when he is 75.


Poster of Tom that I have in my Man Cave.

Any team thinking about acquiring Rodgers would have to be in win-mode now. Otherwise, there would be no reason for that team to make the deal. Rodgers is on the back-end of his career and has a limited number of good years left. Any team trading for him would want to maximize this window of opportunity.

Broncos fans are salivating at the possibility of getting him. But what would they have to give up?

I’m reaching the point where I hope Rodgers sits out and his career ends with a fizzle and not a bang. Let Packers management hold him to the 3 years on his contract as a way of giving him a middle finger. I used to like the guy, but the more I read every day, he seems more and more childish.

Interesting stat: Bart Starr played 16 seasons for GB. Brett Favre played 16 seasons. Rodgers has now played 16 seasons.

I guess “Mahomes vs. Love” just doesn’ have the same ring to it.

I have to agree with you. In a way he reminds me of LeBron James with his cryptic tweets and passive-aggressive comments. The big difference between Rodgers and James is that James never tried to bail out on a contract early. If one believe reports, he tried to exert more influence in Miami but was rebuffed by Pat Riley, and that was one factor that led him to leave there. However, he never signed a long-term contract and then decided he didn’t want to honor it.