What was ruined

What was ruined when it became popular?

That’s been asked on Reddit.


Most good music


Air travel and cruises

I agree with both of these. Not a cruiser, so no opinion on that.

Not sure I follow. How can more people listening to music degrade the product? It’s like art, it’s created and in the world and unaffected if one person or 10m see the painting.

I just heard a story on how air travel was awesome in the 60’s and 70’s and now it’s like riding a Greyhound.


The musician starts to make their music more “commercialized”

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That’s a him problem, he compromised his art in the name of $$$ or fame.

Did that story compare prices then and now?

@wmj - Air travel was actually more expensive when the airlines were regulated and the government set the prices. Since airlines couldn’t compete on price they competed on service. Then after they became deregulated in 1978 they competed on price and attracted a demographic that couldn’t afford to fly previously and weren’t concerned about service if a flight was affordable to them.

Much cheaper now. An example was a Pan Am round trip flight from NY to London in 1971 for around $4,000 in today’s dollars. It’s about half that now, but it’s not as glamorous or luxurious.

Its half that in 1971 dollars now. Accounting for inflation, it might be 10% of that.

I ran $4000 in the inflation calculator, almost worth $31,000 today.

Which is probably why I tend to like a performer’s earlier music much more than their later stuff. They haven’t yet let the record producer (still a term, I think) continue to produce whatever made the prior music a hit. Once they start replicating their music, they start making their performance into a show rather a concert.

Air travel today is a conservatives dream. In the good old days the good old government set the fares. Since there wasn’t much demand, seats had lots of room. Then Jimmy Carter signed the Airline deregulation act in 1978 and the government loosened, then finally released their hold on granting air slots and fares… So if it got worse - it’s what the market wanted.

Edited to add in the 1990’s TWA tried what they called “Comfort Class” more legroom in every coach seat. They only wanted a small upcharge. They went bankrupt and American bought them, and AA tried “More Room Throughout Coach”. Same thing as comfort class with the same results. People went for the lower fare so they put more seats in. In the 2000’s they adapted with premium coach, but it cost more that what TWA or AA was asking when the whole plane had them

A prime example is Midwest Express. 2x2 seating, leather seats wider, about 34" of seat pitch and they baked cookies on board. They are gone now. The airline that was Midwest Express is Frontier today. One of the worst

The only advantage of deregulation of the airlines is that it made it possible for almost everyone to fly when previously only a small percentage of Americans could afford to fly.

I am glad that I had multiple opportunities to fly before airplanes became cattle cars.

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That’s a pretty big advantage for most people.

Yep, cheap airfare is nice. My kid will go to Denver or SLC every few months to visit buddies and round trip is under $300.

It sure is, safe, affordable and more people can travel. People can choose cheap no frills flights or pay more for business or first class.

Retired TWA pilot here. “Comfort Class, the more comfortable way to fly!”

Kcflyer is right. All people think about is the price. Until they get to the airport and find out every little thing has a extra charge to it. At TWA, and then AA, we (the employees) had a saying: “Those who used to ride the bus, ride on us!”

And for your viewing pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XuksUYX7Jg