What the hell...I'm gonna try it

An ex girlfriend introduced me to some “special” brownies last year. Unfortunately, the special ingredient isn’t legal in Kansas, and I don’t really want to make a trip to Colorado. But I heard about something that was made possible by the 2018 Farm Bill…something called Delta-8 THC. It is a less potent form and from what they say eliminates the paranoid effect of the “full bore” product (yea!!!), but still produces the special feeling the other brownies gave me. So I ordered a vial to make a test batch of brownies. I guess the only down side is that if you have to take a drug test, you will test positive for the evil weed. But since I’m retired, I really don’t care anymore. Me and Betty Crocker can hardly wait.

May as well tase good. Pick these up at your nearby Costco.

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