What is pass interference?

If this is not.

It was not as blatant as I thought it would be. I slowed it down to 1/4 speed and he was batting the ball. To me it could have gone either way.

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Just an observation, but Broncos fans have a lot more to be worried about than that call. That it even mattered after they blew the big lead they did says a lot. And, from Payton said afterwards, it looks like there is a bit of trouble in paradise.

Probably PI, but most refs (right or wrong) don’t want to be accused of throwing the flag that altered the game at the end.

I think so too. The defender’s hand is clearly on the upper arm and shoulder of the receiver. How much force was being applied and whether or not it affected the catch is hard to tell, even at slow speed. I’ve seen worse that wasn’t called and less that was.