What if?

It really works?

Two first world countries are doing research on it.
Who will be the first to go George Orwell and say they supported it?

So, research it. It’s allowed. But don’t give antiparasitics to people who need antivirals, when so far, the evidence suggests it doesn’t work. The FDA didn’t ban it, just said that it should only be given for Covid as part of clinical trials.

There is no evidence either way.

There have been trials and are still trials undergoing.

Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19 | FDA.

Your link validates my point.

Perhaps you missed this quote: “Currently available data do not show ivermectin is effective against COVID-19.”

Because there is no data.

The data we have so far are not promising. p=.53.

If Ivermectin turns out to be a miracle drug, go for it. But I don’t get the obsession among right wing pundits, grabbing onto a specific drug for which there is no evidence and touting it all over the place. Same with hydroxy, now Ivermectin. There isn’t much reason to think they’d be effective, especially the latter. Why not try Viagra? Maybe Midol? Toss in some chemotherapy?