What bad movies do you like anyway?

Objectively bad or badly reviewed movies, but you like them:

This is one of my favorites:

Maybe it’s a parenthood thing, but I also liked the Will Smith vanity project.

Flash Gordon

Rock of Ages

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

I watch The Jackal any time it’s on and it’s a terrible movie. My second guilty pleasure is Con Air.

Anything with Nic Cage is probably a good/bad movie.

Until the last 12 years or so. Those are just bad/bad movies with an overdone (plastic surgery) Cage.

Just awful but I’ll stop and watch to the end if I stumble on it flipping channels.

My wife makes fun of me because I like Overboard.

Wasn’t Face/Off more than 12 years ago?

For those citing Cage, I should just warn that it is irresponsible to see one of his films. Look at the impact you’re having.

I had an entire thread of those that I forwarded to my statistics professor.
If I hadn’t already had an A in that class, I think he would have given me extra credit for that email.

Yeah, I wrote about it years ago and have cited it a number of times. Comes in handy in my work.


Have to see this!!!



I was surprised no one picked out that right away. It’s the obvious guilty pleasure movie.

“Be nice.”

Tom Cruz as Jack Reacher

Not sure that’s a great movie but Tom cruise acted pretty well in that.

As long as you hadn’t read Lee Childs’ books before seeing the movie.


Tom Cruise plays Tom Cruise in every movie.

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