What aspects of this forum do you enjoy

Which aspects of this forum do you enjoy?

Interacting with people who are unlikely to cross your path in real life
Being argumentative
Gaslighting people
Sharing information

To an extent I enjoy being argumentative.
I have several friends that don’t share my political beliefs and when they say asinine things I can just smile and nod.
This gives me an opportunity to vent.

I really enjoy the meme, pun, and music threads too. It shows that we all still have a lot in common and can get along even though we argue.

I know what you mean. A few weeks ago I had lunch with a very liberal friend of mine who is very concerned about the rise of AntiSemitism in this country. However, when she said it is because Trump made Anti Semitism socially acceptable, I changed the subject without responding to that comment. That is because I feel that anyone who could think that, while being oblivious to the real reasons why Anti Semitism has become socially acceptable, doesn’t want to create a cognitive dissonance by acknowledging the real reasons for this problem.

I’m growing rather weary with this site. I like to argue, but it all too often seems to devolve into insults

There is truth to that.
I think a few posters should reflect on if they would say some of the things they say if they were face to face.

Just to clarify, I consider being argumentative to be constantly disagreeing for the sole purpose of being disruptive and insulting without having anything worthwhile to contribute. That is very different from someone who enjoys having intelligent discussions with varying perspectives on an issue. I personally enjoy the latter, but find people who are consistently argumentative to be very annoying.

Honestly I have no idea what I like or dislike about this forum. There was a time where I’d hang on a response to something I said but now it literally comes last. But that was when I’d watch news and get bothered by whatever the outrage of the day was. As I watch less news, I’m on this board less.

I know…I annoy the hell out of you. But as I said…I rarely ever resort to insults. You just don’t like my posts…and that’s fine. Not to worry…one can only read about what an asshole they are for their political beliefs before you want to step back or away. I’m getting close as it seems anytime I check, there are posts about me and not issues. It gets old. Perhaps a moderator wasn’t as bad as we thought. I’ll sit back and might check in on the conservative circle jerk that you have here. But I’m going to avoid politics. Enjoy.

and to clarify, the light moderation is only in politics. In the other message boards I expect civil behavior.

Start topics in the other sections and talk about what you want to chat about.

I would phrase it slightly different. If they want to have a discussion, why are they shutting the conversation down?

I enjoy seeing how many people are brainwashed by poor, obvious propaganda.

It’s not the majority, but it’s way too many.

Of course the majority aren’t brainwashed by the media on this board, most posters are conservative.

I get a good laugh at the lefty posters ignorance and hypocrisy.

To be fair (to be faaaaaiiiiiiiir), that comes from both sides in abuncance.

Pitter patter…

Give yer balls a tug, tit-fuckers!

That’s a Texas size 10-4

Can confirm.

What I appreciates about the forum is the recent Letterkenny talk.

Yes, yes.

It’s the light hearted banter and joviality that makes this forum the place that it is.

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