We rarely hear about high profile vaccine promoters dying from covid-19

But there’s hardly a week that passes without learning of another death, of some antivaxer, or anti-mandator succumbing to the virus.

Well, at least he died being true to his beliefs…except when he got covid-19, and tried desperately to get monoclonal antibody treatment.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Do you have proof he wasn’t vaccinated?

WHat was the game he played? He didn’t think the government should mandate a vaccine on people? I agree with that as does a large majority of the population.

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That’s fine, did he get vaccinated himself?


I am anti-federal mandate and I am fully vaccinated. I would support a state mandate. Most of my peers (democrat or Republican) feel the same way.

I have one friend who is anti-mandate at all because her logic is stupid as fuck. Something about Jesus and all that crap.

I do believe the state governors have the right to force a mandate. That has been challenged in court and won. Federal mandates as far as I know have never been tested. OSHA has some authority but that is for diseases you’re likely to get at work but not outside of the work environment. COVID doesn’t fall into that category.

Taking a stance that the federal government shouldn’t force a vaccine on people, isn’t the same as denying the vaccine is effective or even getting the vaccine. It is stating the federal government doesn’t have the authority to mandate medical procedures on the citizens.


I don’t trust that poll. It doesn’t match what private employers are saying.

Private employers are saying they can’t hire because of the mandate. Both can’t be true.

Sure they can. If 20% of employees are anti-vaccines, it creates a hassle for employers. Doesn’t have to be a majority. And I don’t see evidence that most employers are having this issue, just some vocal ones.

From Gallop. There are others as well.

I don’t think you work in the private sector. It’s the number one complaint I’m hearing from customers.

These aren’t low paying jobs. I know my company is struggling to hire and starting wages is about 200k.

The top reasons are 1. Vaccine mandate. 2. Remote work.

One of my colleagues is hiring. He’d like to move his area to permanently remote work, but that will probably take some time and negotiation. But the position he just put out, he advertised as remote, they can work and live where they want (probably have to live in CA, legally). He got the best pool we’ve had in a while.

I am guessing the poll did not include only private sector employers.

I have yet to meet a person who supports the mandate. Many of my customers are hardcore Democrats and not a single one has said they support it. It is making it hard to run their business.

That said, that is anecdotal data but you would think out of the hundreds of people I speak with within a week, someone would have shown support for the mandate.

American’s don’t like to be told what to do and that seems to be the largest issue I have seen with the mandate.

Ok I wasn’t crazy. I thought I had read earlier the majority didn’t support the mandate.

Americans are less willing to take precautions as the coronavirus wears on (msn.com)

When it comes to vaccine mandates, we’ve seen a gradual decline in support across a lot of polling. In the Monmouth poll, for example, 46% support a mandate for people to go to a job in which they’re around other people. This was 51% in November and 53% in September. Now, 50% oppose it.

I am trying to find the other poll I read. It showed people supported state mandates at a higher rate than the federal. That is where I fit in. I support the right of the governors to force the mandate but not Biden or had it happened while Trump was in office, Trump.

He was extreme in his views about vaccine mandates, and other pandemic safety recommendations. Combine that with the 14 times greater chance of dying from covid-19, if you’re unvaccinated, and I think it’s a reasonable to believe that he was unvaccinated.

Not 100% certain, but darn good odds of it, don’t you think?

I don’t speculate. There is no evidence he wasn’t vaccinated and there is no evidence he was vaccainted.

Being against a mandate is not the same as being against the vaccine.