Watch and Learn

Did anyone in this forum learn how to cook by watching their parents or grandparents cook without using a recipe?

The wife did for the most part. Her granny ran a restaurant for several years. She was a heck of a cook.

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Uh, no. If I learned from watching my mother cook I’d be eating a lot of restaurant meals. She freely admitted she was a bad cook, in part because of her mother.

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Ditto. My mother couldn’t cook worth a damn.

One grandmother ate out all the time. The other never ate.

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My Polish grandmother, on the other hand, could make nearly anything taste good. She also made everything from scratch. She had no written recipes, so my aunt would watch her cook and write everything down. I have several of them with a lot of pinches, handfuls and other such descriptive measures.

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Speaking of Poland, hope you’re not in Chicago in November.

Me too.

I watch and learn, but more from YouTube than from what my mom did. Mom was a good cook though. She was a Yankee who married a southern man…and she took the time to learn southern cooking.

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