Was this a New York thing

When I was in high school most students were considered to be either preppies or greasers. Was this a New York thing or was it typical for growing up during the fifties and sixties. I won’t say which category that I was in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You don’t have to say. We know you were a prep.

It’s not just a NY thing, but there are often more than those two categories and it changes over time. Nerds, jocks, band kids, etc.

Also, greaser can have regional distinctions. Where I live, it’s sometimes been used as a pejorative slang for Mexican Americans.

mcarley - Where I grew up that wasn’t the case because most of the greasers that I went to high school with were second generation Americans, some even third generation Americans. It was more a matter of how they dressed and carried themselves. This is a generalization but for the most part preppies at my high school were more likely to be academically oriented than the greasers were.

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