Walmart oil chang

I was just a walmart and i was buying a tire for my MIL. I was outside checking the clearance pile and this young woman pulls up after just getting an oil change. It was making noise and her oil light was on. One tech yells to another tech “hey did you put oil in this jeep?” No it was another guys vehicle that just left. This guy carried out a 5 quart jug and puts it in her jeep and was going to send her on her way.

I couldn’t stand by and not speak up for the young woman. I told the woman about the potential major engine damage that was done and we went to the office to document the issue and start an insurance claim. She was clueless and was going to drive off and the tech was going to let her leave because they don’t want to deal with it.

She left her jeep there and called her brother. Her brother and dad show up and i talked to them and they were planning to tow it to the dealer in the morning.

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hopefully you gave them your name as a witness in case Wally world plays games

Yes. Those horror stories of deny deny deny and the owner is stuck with replacement of engine. I have her my info to put on the insurance claim.

Good on you for helping her to avoid an economic disaster. This is a REALLY bad look for that walmart and walmart in general.

A few years ago I needed a jump start.
My buddy shows up and pops his hood and I ask him;
“Chris, did you just get your oil changed?”
He looks at me like “how did you know that”.
The funnel was still in the engine.
No damage, but the place that did it took care of him

Professional mechanic last steps after an oil change: Start vehicle and check oil light goes out. With engine still running get out and look at drain plug and filter. No drips? You’re good to go!

Garage where low man does the oil changes: Drain oil, remove filter, maybe remember to install new filter. Lower car down, start it and park it. Complete paperwork and tell customer to have a good day!

I dropped my son off this morning with a parent friend who gives him a ride to school and I noticed her headlights were on, surprising this early in the morning. I let her know and all seems to be well, but it got me googling whether I could jump start a car with my Tesla. The short answer seems to be, it’s probably possible, but a pretty bad idea.

It looks like Ford is coming out with a power inverter that will be able to power your house with your truck in emergency situations. That’s pretty cool.

I’ve heard of people doing that already, but haven’t looked into it.

The one thing we did encounter was when we had a power outage (not a rolling blackout, just some little temporary issue) a few months ago, we of course had no internet. But my son just went out to the car and watched Youtube through the car’s internet.

This was news to me. The 22 maverick had an option for a whopping 400w inverter. What’s the point? 2,000 watts is a little better but still its not going to power your house. I have a 2,000 watt inverter that I tried to use several years ago to power a saw. It could not handle the startup demand of the circular saw. If you run big inverters, you really need more battery capacity and huge alternator(s). It seems a lot more efficient to have a separate generator instead of running your 4 banger truck to get small amount of electrical output.

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