Vanguard Woke?

I am hearing Vanguard included with Black Rock and others concerned about their DEI Rating.

What happened to the organization that Jack Bogel started?

Will Fidelity and Schwab follow?

Take your money out. But I have to ask you…if it turned out that Schwab and Fidelity were returning 5% but woke Vanguard was returning 8%, would you still pull your money?

The answer is it all depends. I’ve been involved with Fidelity since purchasing my first mutual fund in the early 70s. My wife pulled her IRA out of Vanguard and moved to Fidelity 5-6 years ago because of the lousy service she was getting from Vanguard. We’ve also had a Schwab brokerage account for a couple of decades. Slim chance we will change anything.