Unappreciated music

I never really appreciated the music of REM until my 40’s.
Was never a fan when they were popular, but listen to them quite a bit the last several years.

I was a huge REM fan in my teens/early 20’s and saw them a few times. I like their early stuff the best.

I like b52 more than when I was younger. They’re retiring and doing their Last tour. They’re around 70

Id say Jack White falls in that category for me. It’s was nails on a chalk board for me 10 years ago but now I love most of his music. Going to see him tonight as a matter of fact.

Never been a fan, but haven’t listened for several years.
May try to listen to him later.

His new album is good but still prefer the bluesy White Stripes stuff.

I’m actually getting back into old 80s music, listening to Mr. Mister, the Police, Tears for Fears just released a new album.

That stuff is a staple on my playlists.

For now, I only have two playlists: New Stuff and Someday List.

I have the reverse situation. Decades ago I loved Barbara Streisand but now I find her singing style to be very annoying.

Old 80s music?

This is old, but it rocks.


Several years ago I was riding around in my minivan with my kids.
That didn’t make me feel old, what made me feel old was the bands I saw in concert in high school were doing “reunion tours”.

Well, at least they’re still alive. I don’t even like to think how long some of the artists who created the music that I listen to a lot have been gone. Frankly, just driving a minvan should have done it.

Just a heads up for those who might like to see some unappreciated music. Bela Fleck s doing a tour this year, celebrating bluegrass. We have tickets to his September show here. He’s in KC June 14. This will be the 7th-8th time we’ve seen him, through several iterations.


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Have you seen his movie? Great stuff.

Is that about his trip to Africa? I have not seen it and will have to watch it.

If you get a chance to see him and his wife, Abigail Washburn, perform together, it is a great show. She is an accomplished picker herself and their duets are great.

Yeah, that’s the one I was thinking of, though there might be others.

Try using this as an excuse:

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