I think they are blaming the wrong thing.

Having their breath shoot up into their eyes over their mask may have something to do with it.
I have nothing to back this up, by my eyes always start burning when I wear a mask for a while.
And glasses are constantly fogging when wearing masks.

Agree on the fogging issue. I get 20-30 minutes in a mask and then I start sneezing. I have 3 different types of masks, and it happens with all of them. That means I have to remove the mask and blow my nose a few times, which starts things off again. Very annoying, but it did clear the grocery aisles when it happened while I was shopping.

The gaiters worked best for me, but I threw them all away.

I didn’t try one those. I tried a dust/pollen mask from Home Depot that I had around. My wife made a bunch of masks for friends and relatives and I managed to get one, 100% cotton. I bought a mask emblazoned with the Red Wings’ winged wheel, 100% polyester. All gave me about the same time and the same sneezing.

they may not work for covid but they work great for other things.

This afternoon our boss told us starting tomorrow everyone will have to wear a mask again, even if you’re vaccinated. The righties knew it was coming, the lefties were really pissed and were screaming at the boss. One black woman was yelling YOU LIED! YOU LIED! YOU LIED! YOU SAID IF WE GOT THE VACCINE WE DIDN’T HAVE TO WEAR A MASK! YOU LIED! She was in his face for 5 minutes screaming, it was pretty funny.

He’s just the messenger. Companies will follow the cdc to avoid lawsuits

Yes, but he’s the one we deal with everyday.