Two baselines, where will it end up?

Biden is calling for $2.25 trillion.
GOP calling for $568 billion.
Can they compromise?

No, they cannot.

I am always for smaller targeted spending packages. The bigger it is the more government waste that will be in them. I am also against handouts to states (pork). It probably comes as a shock to some people that the government is not a good steward of our taxpayer dollars.

The last two “stimulus” bills included spending going out to 2028. That is not stimulating this year’s economy. I have no confidence that Congress can pass a bill that only addresses traditional infrastructure projects and does not raise taxes for all of us.

On a recent interview, Former Rep Justin Amash said that virtually no member of Congress seems to care about policy. They’re all there for the photo ops, the prestige, the power.

At this point there appears to be no genuine concern anywhere in Congress, apart from a distinct but irrelevantly small band, about formulating good policy that benefits the nation. All the decisions appear to be done by staffers & lobbyists, and the only way anyone can get attention on a priority is to throw money around.

It is much worse now because we’re having these massive “omnibus” bills, continuing resolutions without budgets, and multi-year spending commitments like what you mentioned going to 2028.

The whole enterprise is utterly sickening, and every single American should be outraged. But I don’t get the sense there is very much outrage out there to speak of.

This is likely how 99% of all legislation happens. I have seen some of the sausage making. I know that big businesses get their hands on draft copies to mark up at a minimum. They also sometimes start the process.

I can guarantee you that the green companies are writing the legislation, tax credits, etc in the “infrastructure” bill. There is likely big construction companies editing the infrastructure portion. The states are writing the state bailout portion… It is sadly the way things work.

It is probably for the best because our elected officials aren’t experts on anything other than photo ops and campaign fundraising. The issue is the big business is doing what is in the best interest of them and not the best interest of we the people.

Everyone is outraged. It’s just that they all agree it’s the other party’s fault.

DC has been broken for a while. It’s duct tape and baling wire holding things together.