Tuna and Salmon Recipes

Baked Tuna a la Bridge Maven

Put a fresh Tuna steak on Parchment Paper
Spray lemon juice on it
Drizzle olive oil on it
Top with garlic, pepper, and lemon rind
Wrap the rest of the parchment paper loosely around the Tuna to create a parchment packet
Bake for 12 minutes

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What temp?

400 degrees if for only 12 minutes

I’ve been eating more fish. I’ll have to try this one

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Does this come out medium or well done?
I would do this with tuna for me and salmon for my wife.

It comes out medium/rare when baked for 12 minutes - pink but not raw. For an extra minute it comes out medium.


I like a tuna steak cooked on a cast iron pan. Sear it for 90 seconds on one side and 60 seconds on the other. I have done it with simple salt and pepper seasoning, or a coffee rubbed tuna steak. It’s pretty much raw in the middle, but I find them to be very tasty.

Exactly how I cook them except I put a crust of sesame seeds on it too.
I may try a coffee rub though.

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