Trump will be the next president

I think he’ll be a greater leader and his 2020 election was rigged nonsense is likely not to make an appearance in his 2024 campaign.

SP please don’t do this. Stick with the original name.

Agreed. We don’t need childish shit like this.

My guess it’s a lefty much like Mary, Geezers alter ego.

No, it’s SP.

IT’s SP. He did it on the CH board with the “candidate du jour” for president.

Odd that he’d use the same persona.

Just a sock puppet post. My superstition is if I have a handle on a candidate that is winning, their campaign crashes and burns whether I like them or not

I don’t want him as the next President…but I would love to see him as Speaker for a couple months. It would make for some great sound bites…

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I don’t think it’s a bad idea to make him speaker as if that were to occur, his presidential chances would plummet - it could be called the Henry Clay effect

If Democrats don’t want Trump to be president, forget frivolous fraud charges which only increase his support and make him speaker. He will then NOT be president

Fuck no I don’t want that putrid stain anywhere near the white house!

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