Trivia based on old photos

What two well known actors are in this photo from the 1974 stage production of Macbeth at Lincoln Center in New York City.

I googled, so I’m not going to give it away. But, I’ll give others one hint. The two actors in the photo have the same first name. One is someone I’d have never imagined doing Shakespeare.

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right - Christopher Walken left - Doc Brown. Oh sorry, Christopher Lloyd

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Going off the first name clue - the guy with the beard looks like a very young Christopher Lloyd. I have no idea who the other might be. And I know that there are some actors named Christopher, but I can’t picture any of them.

What building is under construction in this 1868 photo?

Saint Patrick’s cathedral. I was just there.

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mcarley - You are correct. I have seen that beautiful church a number of times and can only think of two churches that I have seen that I think are more impressive. They are St Peters Basilica in the Vatican and Notre Dame in Paris.

Hint: The other Christopher in this photo played a supporting role in a 1971 film that starred Alan King and Sean Connery, but became well known when he co starred in a 1978 movie with Robert De Niro. However, he is probably best known for the numerous roles he has played in comedies.

I took a few photos, but it felt a little weird. There was a service going on, probably always is, and it seemed almost disrespectful to be doing the tourist thing in the middle of it.

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Didn’t jimtoo already get the answers?

What famous author lived in this house when he wrote one of his most famous novels and used this North Shore of LI coummunity as the place where his title character lived. However, in his novel he called it “West Egg” instead of by its real name.


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Mcarley - That is correct. Jay Gatsby lived in the Kings Point section of Great Neck (West Egg) but F Scott Fitzgerald actually lived in the Great Neck Estates Section of Great Neck(West Egg). Jay Gatsby’s love interest Daisy Buchanan lived in the Sands Point section of Port Washington(East Egg). In 1970 there was a serious drug problem at the Port Washington High School and the New York Times had an article about it titled “Trouble in East Egg” :grinning:

Gatsby just went into the public domain. Two novels were recently written, with a different perspective. This one was really good, written from Jordan’s POV.

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Who is the singer/actress in this 1949 photo

Doris Day?

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Is anyone old enough to know what this is?

Dentist chair

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It’s where I have spent far too much time over the last several months.

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Who are the people in this wedding photo from the thirties?