Top Gun

Dead lord was not the movie I was expecting. I never thought Top Gun Needed a sequel but it was amazing.

It was a great movie and not woke at all

I went just to go but it was a ride. I like how they did an almost scene for scene redo of the first movie for the first few minutes.

Nothing woke. Just a good movie.

They did diversity the right way. By showcasing it without shoving it down the audience’s throat with a preachy message or ridiculously overt leftist themes.

They should have found a way to have a main character that was not a white male, but I suppose they had little choice considering the context from the first movie.

I really enjoyed it, and I fucking HATE modern movies, including all this reboot trash that has plagued the theater for the better part of the past decade. At the movies these days I usually end up zoning out and thinking about something else.

Top Gun kept me engaged the entire 2 hrs & 17 minutes.

I felt like it was a nice throwback to an 80’s movie. I really enjoyed it. I will admit the plot is basic but it is why I go to the movies. It was entertaining. I love airplanes and this movie delivered air planes.

I always wanted to be a pilot but my vision was never good enough. Movies like this let me live in the world for a bit.

I haven’t saw it yet, but this seems to be the sentiment.
Very simple plot, but done extremely well.

The only way to stop the sequel/reboot trend is for as many of us as possible to just not go to them. Seek out movies with original stories instead.

This was a sequel worth having and I rarely say that. It was really an enjoyable movie.

If I had categorically rejected all sequels, I would have missed Top Gun, and I’m glad I saw it.

I like to monitor certain critics that I respect. Critical Drinker on YouTube is one such person. Skewers the mess of modern movies on a weekly basis.

He has slammed Star Wars, the latest Terminator abortion, Marvel, etc. He skillfully articulates the sense of disgust moviegoers experience from preachy throat-shoving of woke themes & the sterile yawnfest that ensues from overreliance on CGI.

When he said he enjoyed Top Gun, that got my attention immediately.

Today’s directors cannot seem to handle a complex plot. The editing goes on for months, or years, and often they change major plotlines after the fact.

Simple and basic are a refreshing change.

I compare it to food.
It doesn’t have to be complicated if done right.’

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