Too woke by half

Word in the wrestling community is the woman that posted this is on administration leave for this post.
I am not into cancel culture, but to blatantly and wrongly go after a high school kid who was celebrating a career of hard work may just deserve it.

It is about time that the part of the country to at doesn’t have their head up their ass fights back.

My understanding is the ok symbol came from 4chan as a joke. Historically ok meant ok and never had a hidden meaning.

These racist groups are using it to troll. Is it WP or OK? Plausible deniability.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

This thread is about a whacko woman making a racist attack on a high school kid after one of the greatest accomplishments of his life.
Maybe this will be a lesson to the rest of the morons who assume the worst with no context.

Seems like there are more and more people that just look for a way to be offended. What ever happened to give people the benefit of the doubt?

If White Supremist start using the rainbow flag as a symbol of hate, does that mean that the LBG groups are also White Supremist?

I’ll admit, I haven’t thrown up the OK sign since I was about 10 and that was 30 years ago. Back then it only meant OK. Just the other week I first heard about the OK sign being used as a symbol of hate.

In this case it wasn’t even the OK sign.
The kid was showing “3”, for winning is third State Championship.

I missed that part. Yeah that makes this even more dumb.

One question: Who is the person who made that post and what position does she hold? I could not find anything on Google.

I don’t know.
I follow several wrestling forums and saw it on them.
I cannot confirm if she is on admin leave, like I said in the OP, that is the word in the community.

Edit to add:

The story was in the Cresco, Iowa newspaper, this is the woman who is being shown as posting it on the forums that I follow.